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Japan- a country of extremes

Japan- a country of extremes

When you ask people about Japan, they most likely will tell you about a technologically advanced nation, with hi- speed trains, entertainment- electronics from the future and cars. They will tell you about sushi and Mount Fuji. But they will also tell you about martial arts, samurai and traditions, that have been there for centuries.
Most of us think of Japan as a country of extremes of mystery, advanced culture and also some very weired things, that no one outside Japan really understands.

And we all know, how Japanese behave abroad: they turn up in groups and take pictures of everything and everyone.
But tourism INTO Japan has been a growing market over the last years. Even the latest huge earthquake in 2011, that resulted in a devastating Tsunami and was followed by the well known and documented nuclear- disaster has not stopped the interest of people in this nation with its rituals, great technological advances and breathtaking landscapes, from beaches to skiing- slopes, from mega- cities to iconic mountains.

A journey to Japan is guaranteed to bring unforgettable memories and lasting impressions for everybody.

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