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5 hotels for small(er) money in Tokyo

5 hotels for smaller money in Tokyo

Tokyo is not known to be one of the cheaper places in the world. If you are looking for a hotel and you are on a smaller budget, we might have some advice for you.
There is a whole range of simple. Small and inexpensive hotels to choose from.

Of course, the first address is the YMCA Asia Youth Center.
It is a little more expensive, than you might know from other countries, but it also has a little more to offer than most others. Most of the small rooms are equipped with en-suite bathrooms and wireless Internet. The YMCA Tokyo is more a hotel than a hostel and also sports some conference- facilities. It may be a little busy, during the day times.
There are not many budget- hotels in Tokyo, that cater especially to the needs of foreigners/ westerners. One of the few, that does is the Kimi Ryokan. The rooms vary from 4 to 8 beds, hygienic - facilities have to shared, but the prices are cheap. What makes Kimi Ryokan so special, is the fact, that the staff is very well trained in the handling of non- Japanese guests, meaning the English- language abilities are way better than in most other budget- hotels. They are also fast at hand with tips and help for your day- trips, exploring Tokyo and the surrounding or helping you, organize your daily activities with useful advice.
If you have traveled to Thailand before, something about the name of our next featured accommodation may ring familiar. The Khaosan Tokyo Guesthouse Ninja is a popular choice among backpackers, as the prices are very moderate. Besides the well maintained rooms and public areas (with wireless Internet and TV- facilities) the hostel is known, to organize parties from time to time, to keep a kind of “community spirit” among its guests- something that is not at all typical for Japan. Please note: there are no double- rooms available, so couples should look elsewhere.
If you are coming to Tokyo to check out the fine arts, give the Ryokan Katsutaro a closer look. It is located in the Yanaka area, which during recent years, saw and incline in the opening of museums and art galleries. It is also near the Ginza shopping- area and not far from the central regions of the metropolis. Rooms are simple decorated and have space for up to four guests, with Wifi available in each one. The hostel also offers bicycles, if you would like to venture further, using less energy for walking.
If you are not exactly a party animal and you are looking for reasonably priced room, try the Hotel Hoteiya. They don't have a “curfew”, but you may not be the “Guest of the month”, if you come home late and in a slightly intoxicated state. Apart from that, the place is just good value for little money, with many desirable extras. Rooms are minimal in decoration, but there is TV and Wifi available on every floor. A kitchen and a laundry- room may be used between 7 am and 10 pm. The location (Taito) is ideal to explore the central downtown areas. Being one of the cheapest places we found, guests are expected to bring towels and toothbrush...as we said: minimal!

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