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Tokyo- synonym for progress

Tokyo- synonym for progress

Hardly any other town in the world inspires so many thoughts about “technical advance” than Tokyo does.
Giant neon- signs, buzzing shopping- centers, approximately 10 million people... But there is another side to this huge and exciting place.
Quiet, tranquil gardens, temples and parts of the town, that seem to be on a different planet, with small houses and narrow streets.

We would like to give you an overview of some of Tokyo's most interesting sights, from shopping centers or landmarks to temples and parks.

Shinjuku is a modern part of Tokyo, home of the main- station, the business district, many modern department stores and public parks. It is also the home of Tokyo's busy and exciting red- light/ nightlife entertainment district. It is also known for the “New York Bar”, some of you may remember from the wonderful movie “Lost in translation”

Ginza has often be described as the “5th Avenue of Tokyo”. Modern shopping- centers are lining the streets, giant neon- signs light the place at night in a kind of “unreal” atmosphere. If you are looking for fashion- stores or western- cuisine, Ginza is the place to go.

Shibuya is the “happening” quarter of Tokyo. Younger travelers might want to go there, as Tokyo's youth frequents this place for fashion- shopping ...and one of the busiest “Starbucks”- stores in the world.

Harajuku offers the best of two worlds. On the one side, it is a hip, youth dominated quarter with a cutting- edge fashion- and entertainment scene. On the other side, it is the home of one of Tokyo's most popular temples, the Meiji Jingu Shrine.

Asakusa may be one of the most diverse districts of Tokyo. At large retail- stores you can buy Japanese ceramics and porcelain...and even one the plastic replicas of your favorite Japanese food, that are on display in many of the restaurants. The famed Sens- ji temple offers tranquility as does a scenic tour on the Sumida River. There is also a number of excellent (tempura-) restaurants and shopping- areas, like the popular Nakamise Dori shopping- street.

Ueno may be called the “tourist education center”, if you like. It is home to the zoo, to numerous important temples and a number of museums. It is also the place to go, if you want to experience the famous, yearly cherry- blossoming, with hundreds of cherry- trees in all the parks. Ameya- yokocho on the other hand is a street market of small vendors and food- stalls, ideal to catch a tasty treat or get some souvenirs, before going back home.

In general, Tokyo is big on diversity and there are more places to visit, then the popular ones, we just laid out for you. You might want to pay a visit to the Imperial Palace or some of the other temples and less crowded places in the metropolis, to get a little more insight into the “real life” of Tokyo.

Whatever you do: be prepared to be amazed!

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